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Sciens Sustainable Solutions

Sciens Sustainable is dedicated to delivering investment strategies across asset classes and thematic approaches to investors interested in products that incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) or sustainability measures. Our goal is to provide clients the opportunity to invest in a way that reflects their values with the goal of delivering market rate returns.

The GOOD Company Strategies are the flagship portfolios of Sciens Sustainable. Leveraging a proprietary investment framework, GOOD analyzes corporate policies and actions around Human Capital, Environmental Sustainability and Community Engagement in an attempt to uncover competitive advantage and value. This list of GOOD companies is then screened for traditional fundamental characteristics and compiled into portfolios using an optimizer with rigorous rules based rebalancing and sell discipline guidelines. Currently, seven strategies are available addressing different themes and objectives within this sector:

  • GOOD Green Companies
  • GOOD Green Companies ex Fossil Fuel
  • GOOD Gender Companies
  • GOOD Equality Companies
  • GOOD Faith Companies
  • GOOD All Cap Companies
  • GOOD Large Cap Companies