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Advisory Solutions

As financial markets become more challenging and the number of alternative strategies and managers increases, Sciens understands the needs of investors for tailored investment solutions and services.

Sciens’ advisory team combines the firm’s hedge fund research capabilities, its experience in liquid and illiquid investment strategies and its institutional portfolio management processes to develop customized investment solutions. We focus on investor requirements, such as risk and return targets, investment restrictions, including liquidity constraints, and exposure to defined market factors.

Sciens works closely with investors at all stages of the portfolio construction and implementation process, with regular reporting on manager selection performance, asset allocation optimization and the general investment environment.

Leveraging on its experience in alternative asset class investment, Sciens offers a range of services to help investors make informed alternative investment decisions. Our performance analytics and risk management infrastructure provides flexible reporting on multi-asset, multi-strategy and multi-provider portfolios with full customization to investors’ requirements.