Private Equity - Real Assets - Managed Account Platform - Funds of Hedge Funds

Our Philosophy

Primary research that provide unique and proprietary investment insights


Sciens is a fully independent investment manager with majority ownership by its management.

Multi-dimensional investment universe

Through its private equity and hedge fund capabilities, Sciens has an overview of multiple markets and is therefore able to identify and capture emerging opportunities by investing early in the cycle. Sciens can also create innovative investment solutions, combining private equity and hedge funds.

Sciens provides investment solutions through customized portfolios and through Sciens funds that allow:

  • Discrete asset selection
  • Flexible portfolio construction with carefully managed asset duration
  • Dynamic reallocation consistent with every investment cycle

Extensive track record

Sciens has been investing in numerous alternative investment classes since 1994. Since inception, Sciens has offered institutional investors, high net worth individuals and family offices a variety of investment product solutions including private equity, venture capital, distressed, private debt, hedge fund products and real assets opportunities.

Proprietary technology, infrastructure, reporting and risk management

Sciens has developed its own proprietary technology and has the infrastructure to enable an effective decision making process, controlled implementation and robust risk management for alternative portfolios, managed accounts and traditional assets. These technologies allow us to develop flexible risk reporting tailored to our investors’ needs.